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ROCK100 is a 268 page paperback publication which contains
listings of the Top Pop Single Records for the years 1954
through 1991, as well as an explanation of the mathematical
procedures developed by the authors to achieve their ranking
order, a convenient Artist Index of those performers with records
in the Top 100 listings, a Title Index of the 3700 songs in the text,
and additional information from Billboard  Magazine's weekly
record charts with the number of weeks in the Top 100, Top 40,
Top 10, and weeks at the #1 position!

ROCK 100 and the people who produced it have been the
subject of articles in the Chicago Sun-Times, Denver Post,
Cincinnati Enquirer, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Montreal Gazette,
and others, and the rankings provided the basis for the 19-week
radio special broadcast "Rock Of Ages" on radio station WLRW.


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